Cardinal's statement on events of recent weeks

In this Holy season of Advent the Church’s message is one of hope and peace.  It is a time for reflection, prayer and reaching out to those in need.  These themes – hope, peace and compassion – are urgently needed in our nation as we pray for the Brown and Garner families and all who have been impacted by the turmoil of recent weeks. 
Issues concerning race in our society call for recognition of our shared humanity.  We are all well served by productive dialogue and cooperation between the members of our communities and those in public service.  Each person’s dignity must be respected and protected, while the safety and good of all people is upheld.  
We are grateful for the thoughtful leadership shown by Governor Patrick, Mayor Walsh and Boston Police Commissioner Evans as citizens have expressed their concern that there be effective means of providing social justice, equality of opportunity and respect for all. May peaceful dialogue on these important issues be a source of betterment for our society.
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