Online Giving Portal for Emergency COVID special collection for the Church in India and Brazil



May 25, 2021


Good afternoon,


On May 13, 2021 we wrote to you regarding the enormous pain and suffering being experienced in Brazil and India from the pandemic. In the twelve days since our reaching out to you, death and infection rates are up significantly in both countries.


At the time we shared with you that Cardinal Seán is seeking your consideration for having an Emergency COVID special collection for the Church in India and Brazil to be taken the weekends of May 29-30 or June 5-6 in all parishes in the Archdiocese of Boston.


Thanks to the efforts of the digital office and finance teams we have repurposed the online donation platform (previously used for 90-Days Now) for the Church in India and Brazil collection. Our goal is to make giving and processing as easy and convenient as possible for parishes and parishioners. We believe the availability to give online in addition to more traditional in pew contributions is a good option for the success of this initiative.   


To assist parishes for the upcoming Emergency COVID Special Collection on May 29/30 or June 5/6, an online donation form is available to share with your parishioners:


Important Administrative Notes to Pastors/Administrators/Business Managers:


I. ACTION REQUIRED: Parish Business Managers will receive one report the week of June 14th to summarize all donations received through this online form; these donation need to be added to ParishSoft/ConnectNow for tax purposes




In addition to the typical efforts to promote awareness of Emergency Collections, the web address can be shared at Mass, in your Bulletin, or E-Mailed to your parishioners.


Share the Facebook post from the Archdiocese of Boston Facebook page.


Retweet from the Archdiocese of Boston’s Twitter account.


Alternatively, add to your Facebook or Twitter accounts using this address:


The online form will only be active from May 25th through June 14th, to support both of the weekends that this Collection can be scheduled for


Donors will receive an automated e-mail acknowledgement of their donation from the Archdiocese of Boston


For a full list of Frequently Asked Questions, click here.


Please note: In addition to the current in-pew and online giving that follows the scheduled collections, parishes can opt to either add this Emergency Collection to their existing online platform or use the provided link for this one-time Emergency Collection which can be broadly shared. 


If you have any questions or require any assistance please email your parish consultant:




Tom Duddy





Deacon Michael Curren




Deacon Glenn Smith





Patrick Farragher




Archdiocese of Boston

Denise Biernat



Thank you.



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