Pope Francis is coming; We are going. Pilgrims from Worcester Diocese


People from the Diocese of Worcester are going on pilgrimage to see Pope Francis and to attend the World Meeting of Families 



Pope Francis is coming; We are going 



Pilgrims from Worcester Diocese


The Diocese of Worcester has set up a Facebook page (www.facebook.com/woopope) and a Twitter hashtag (#woopope) for following local people on pilgrimage to see Pope Francis during his visit to the United States.
    To be a part of the action watch #woopope on your Twitter feed
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If you are going to see the Pope and would like to participate, use the Twitter hashtag #woopope so your Tweets will appear where people back home can see them.

Also, if you have any photos or videos to share, you can post them directly to facebook.com/woopope.

Have a blessed journey and keep us posted.

Also view videos and live streaming at www.worcesterdiocese.org




Director of the Office of Marriage and Family Allison LeDoux and her husband, Deacon John LeDoux, are attending the conference, along with Deacon Brian and Nissa Gadbois prior to Pope's arrival in Philadelphia.
Watch #woopope for their Tweets.



Parishes! Schools!
Let us know what you are doing to welcome Pope Francis. Send photos to editor@catholicfreepress.org or post to www.facebook.com/woopope.