Response to the CLS Spending Report on Statute of Limitations

Massachusetts Catholic Conference

“A report involving the legislative efforts of dioceses in the United States regarding statute of limitations is inaccurate and a misrepresentation with regards to the work of the Massachusetts Catholic Conference (MCC). The Conference has historically worked on legislative issues important to the Catholic Church.  This has included, among many others, criminal justice reform, immigration, efforts to expand abortion, physician assisted suicide, gun violence, the environment and more.  In fact, with regards to the important issue of statute of limitations in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, MCC worked closely and cooperatively with key legislative leaders in 2014 and fully supported important changes to the civil laws for victims of sexual abuse.  Those changes went into effect in June 2014. The report, without seeking any verification with MCC, attributed all of its activity over a seven-year period to one issue. The report is factually wrong and calls into question the credibility of the information.”