Cardinal Urges Support for Health Care Conscience Rights Act

Choosing between religious integrity and participation in health care system unacceptable
Religious freedom, conscience rights foundational to American society
Conscience rights protections essential to Catholic ministries

Interregnum has begun

Historic Time for the Catholic Church

Follow the Boston Pilot's Blog on Cardinal Sean and the Papal Conclave

Check The Boston Pilot's website often for updated news on Cardinal Sean's travels in Rome while preparing for and participating in the historic Papal Conclave. 


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Archbishop Lori Urges Congress to Include Conscience Provisions in Funding Bills

Congress should incorporate two provisions that strengthen conscience protection in any proposed funding bills in the weeks ahead, said Archbishop William Lori of Baltimore in a February 15 letter to Congress. Both provisions were part of the House draft of the Labor/HHS appropriations bill.

Cardinal Sean and Bishop Deeley's Statements regarding the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI

Cardinal Sean said:

“The Catholic community and the world today learned that Pope Benedict XVI, following deep prayer and reflection, announced that he will resign the papacy at the end of this month.  We join the universal Church in offering prayerful gratitude for the Holy Father’s faith, courage and his leadership as the successor of Peter. 

Papacy of Pope Benedict XVI highlighted his pastoral, scholarly, and holy life, says Cardinal Dolan

Sad he will resign but grateful for his eight years of selfless leadership;
Reached out to religiously threatened in Middle East, poor in Africa, world’s youth;
Highlighted value of human life

USCCB Files Supreme Court Briefs Supporting DOMA, Proposition 8

Marriage is the union of one man and one woman
Unique value in children raised by mother and father together
Redefining marriage would impose burdens on religious liberty and other rights