School Based Health Centers

Over 30 School-Based Health Centers offer a comprehensive range of reproductive services including birth control, emergency contraception (EC or otherwise known as Plan B), family planning health education, pregnancy diagnosis and follow-up.  For reproductive services not provided on site, the SBHC MUST arrange for provisions such as off-site (abortion).  This was the case in Seattle, Washington where a 15 year old student was referred for an abortion that she received during school hours when her mother thought she was at school. 

Quick Facts About School-Based Health Centers and Family Planning Programs in MA

  • School-Based Health Centers are staffed by nurse practitioners or physician assistants who are authorized to prescribe medications (contraceptives, Emergency Contraception (EC))
  • SBHC's are located in poor and minority communities.
  • SBHC's MUST offer a comprehensive range of services that include: Reproductive Health Services (birth control, EC, abortion); Family Planning Health Education and Services; Pregnancy diognosis and follow-up; for reproductive services not provided on site, the SBHC must arrange for provision of such services off-site (abortion)
  • For more information click here. (pdf)