The Affordable Housing Law

Every community needs a mix of housing in order to be healthy, vibrant and inclusive.

The Affordable Housing Law, often referred to by its statutory title, “Chapter 40B,” has led to the construction of over 8,000 units for seniors, young working families and disabled persons in communities throughout Massachusetts. Chapter 40B is a critical resource in the Commonwealth.Mother and Daughter

The Affordable Housing Law was established in part through the work of the Catholic Church to catalyze communities to build affordable housing. Through our diocesan social service offices, the Church has collaborated in the building of affordable homes and offered our support for community planning pursuant to Chapter 40B. Thus we know from experience that no other state program or tool has been as effective as The Affordable Housing Law. The law has been responsible for approximately eighty percent of the housing for low and moderate income households created in suburban regions over the past decade.

Please read the entire 2010 statement from the Massachusetts Bishops, The Affordable Housing Law (pdf)