Catholic School Education

Catholic School Girl What Makes Catholic Schools So Valuable?

Respect, rigor, and reverence are just a few of the "three R's" emphasized at Catholic Schools around the Commonwealth. 

Students are taught how to apply Catholic Christian values of service, justice, and excellence to every aspect of their daily lives. These values also result in better performing students.

United States Department of Education data show that 76 percent of all students in Catholic schools are enrolled in college-prep courses, compared to only 45 percent in public schools. In addition, poor, Black, and Hispanic students who attend Catholic schools are far more likely to take advanced classes. (Source: National Center for Policy Analysis)

According to the Catholic Education Foundation, nationally, Catholic school students score higher on standardized tests, particularly in the areas of reading, mathematics and science. Among minority children, who represent nearly a quarter of Catholic school students nationwide, the results have been equally as good. Visit PACE