Health Curriculum Frameworks

Pre-teen school childrenThe Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks are in the process of being revised by the State. Currently they are the recommendations of the state as to what should be taught in public schools with respect to nutrition, exercise, drugs and alcohol.  Local districts have some discretion as to how they are implemented.  No one is opposed to health education per se (nutrition, exercise, drugs and alcohol), but concealed within the Frameworks is a form of sex education that undermines the rights of parents.  For example the Frameworks would have health teachers explain to students as young as 14 how to get an abortion without parental knowledge or consent; middle school students would be told how to get contraceptives without telling their parents and about "behaviors" for pregnancy prevention.  You can view the Frameworks in their entirety by clicking on the link above or view the objectionable sections in the side bar.

Massachusetts Catholic Conference Frameworks Brochure for distrubution:
(please  download and distribute to your Friends, Relatives and Associates)
English (pdf) - Spanish (pdf) - Portuguese (pdf)