Homeless man

The traditional law of supply and demand has not yet proved adequate to the task of providing decent housing for all our people. The demand, as we have seen, is present and growing, yet the response is clearly inadequate, especially for low- and moderate-income people. . . . Since decent housing is a human right, its provision involves a public responsibility. The magnitude of our housing crisis requires a massive commitment of resources and energy. US Bishops, The Right to a Decent Home

MCC Legislative Action

MCC urges House Ways and Means Committee to report Unaccompanied Homeless Youth legislation favorably, December, 2013

See Unaccompanied Homeless Youth (pdf), July, 2013

MCC Urges Senate Ways and Means to adopt Amendments aimed at increasing opportunities for the homeless, (pdf) May, 2012

Unaccompanied Homeless Youth (pdf) Catholic Social Services Testimony (pdf), July, 2011

Emergency Services (pdf), April, 2011

Community Housing Services (pdf)Planning Office Testimony (pdf), May, 2011

The Affordable Housing Law (pdf), September, 2010

Foreclosure Crisis (pdf), April, 2010