Prayer for Parents

Heavenly Father,Family

Thank you for the blessing of our children.

Help us to love them as You love them.

Help us to help them grow in holiness so they can be closer to You.

Help us to live as you desire us to live so that we can model for our children what it is to be a true man or woman of God

We ask You for:

The wisdom to counsel them;

The patience to teach them;

The humility to entrust them to your care.

Grant us the grace to desire for our children what you desire for them, trusting that Your Will is the source of their happiness and fulfillment.  Whatever vocation you are calling them to: married, religious, or single life, help them to give their hearts joyfully to you.

Please help us to grow as a family in the theological virtues of faith, hope, and love:

A strong faith so that we may lead others to grow closer to you by our example;

Fervent hope in Your victory over sin and death when we are tempted to despair;

Perfect love to to give of ourselves for the good of one another.

Finally, guide us in teaching our children to know and love You and Your Church as the surest path to their enteral home with You.

Mother of Divine Love,

Pray for us.

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