Racial Justice

"In the fight against any disease it is necessary to recognize the threat. Too often we are in denial about racism. The reality has been driven underground.

...too often the spiritual problem  Young Caucasian and African American girls smilinghas not been dealt with: repentance, change of heart, forgiveness, respect are still needed. Today’s racism is more subtle but no less real.

As the United States Catholic Conference Document, "Brothers and Sisters to Us," asserts racism, "is manifest also in the indifference that replaces open hatred. The minority poor are seen as the dross of a post-industrial society — without skills, without motivation, without incentive.

They are expendable. Many times, the new face of racism is the computer printout, the pink slip, the nameless statistic.

Today’s racism flourishes in the triumph of private concern over public responsibility, individual success over social commitment, and personal fulfillment over authentic compassion" (B.S.T.U. 1997, p. 6).

Pastoral Letter on Racism Bishop Seán O’Malley, January 2000